American Airlines & The O2

Client Challenge

Having gone through a number of major changes in recent years, American Airlines is now the largest airline in the world. With a new brand identify and largest investment in new fleet, AA’s challenge is to highlight its new position and drive consideration in what is one of the most competitive industries. With competitors actively leveraging sport & entertainment partnerships to capture consumer’s attention, AA’s challenge was to identify the most effective and efficient way to connect with its most sought after customers while reinforcing the brand’s true American heritage.

Our Solution:

We designed a bespoke partnership framework strategy that outlined the most valuable objectives for American Airlines and identified the role that sponsorship could play within their wider communications strategy. Within this bespoke tool, we incorporated our data and insight to determine the exact passion points of the audience, the frequency of messaging, the ability to integrate creative, and much more – to create a scoring based system that ranks sponsorship properties based on strategic fit and overall impact potential.

The framework allows both American and ourselves to assess sponsorship properties through a consistent and impartial assessment system which will assist in managing and refining American’s sponsorship strategy, required sponsorship assets as well as identifying a best practice activation programme.

Client results:

The sponsorship framework identified entertainment properties, particularly around theatre and film in London, as the best fit with AA’s audience in EMEA. As a result, we negotiated for American to become the headline sponsor of the first ever Empire Live Film Festival at The O2. Not only did the property align perfectly with AA’s global brand objectives, but it was an ideal fit with the lifestyle of their consumers.