Gfinity: The Elite Series

Client Challenge

Gfinity is one of the premier eSports tournament and event organisers in the world. In 2017 they launched the Elite Series – a league style competition comprising of 8 professional eSport teams from around the world.

To support this newly created competition Gfinity needed the backing of commercial partners but had little experience in commercialising an eSport event.

MediaCom Sport & Entertainment were tasked to demonstrate in what ways potential partners could approach the Elite Series tournament, while also detailing what levels of investment would be acceptable when compared to alternative properties within eSports, traditional sport and entertainment sponsorship opportunities.

Our Solution

To fully understand the emerging eSports market and Gfinity’s place within it, MediaCom Sports and Entertainment developed an approach in three phases: A strategic framework, asset valuation and MediaCom Brand outreach.

MediaCom Sport & Entertainment developed a strategic framework and partnership review report which provided Gfinity with a detailed market analysis, a go-to market strategy as well as a recommendation of the most  appropriate MediaCom brands that would be relevant to approach.

The strategic framework was supplemented by a valuation document which used the MediaCom Sport & Entertainment Connected Sponsorship™ Tool to attribute a value to Gfinity assets and partnership categories within the Elite Series.

By using this intimate knowledge of the series MediaCom Sport & Entertainment were able to present the Gfinity Elite Series opportunity to the MediaCom client base knowing the media value of the competition’s assets.


The strategic framework and valuation reports enabled Gfinity to approach potential partners with reliable media pricing information based on the reach of the Elite Series.

MediaCom Sport & Entertainment introduced Gfinity to non-endemic brands such as Coca Cola, Gillette, Mars, Sony and Bose.

Gfinity were introduced to broadcasters such as Channel 4, ITV and Sky which would increase the scale of the competition.

The Gfinity Elite Series secured over 400,000 viewers globally by week 4 of the competition.