Goodyear – Bayern Munich partnership

Client Challenge

As a premium player within the tyre sector Goodyear are forever looking at new ways to develop their brand and challenge their sectors way of thinking.

We were tasked to answer the following challenges. How can Goodyear stand out from their competitors and display their premium brand values within a sector that lacks differentiation? Particularly within an established European market where numerous of their competitors already invest across a multitude of passion points and partnerships.

Our Approach:

Working closely with the central Goodyear client team and our MediaCom Goodyear account team a European partnership strategy was created. The strategy identified the role partnerships can play for Goodyear and articulated a clear plan on how to develop engaging content for their consumers, whilst aligning themselves with a property that will support their premium positioning.

Football was identified as the platform and FC Bayern Munich were our recommended club critiqued across a number of clear metrics which included; club status, reach across critical markets, opportunity to leverage, access, use of product and overall value for money. Our Connected SponsorshipTM evaluation tools were utilised to attribute an accurate value against each of the partnership rights and our access to consumer and market insight meant we were confident with our strategic assessments.

Client results:

Drawing on our experience in football and contracting rights we were able to secure our client Goodyear a significant return on investment and a set of rights tailored to their needs.

A multi-­‐year deal was identified, created and executed which ensured additional assets and access were incorporated into the Goodyear deal.