Green Flag & Premiership Rugby

Client Challenge:

Green Flag were a truly a challenger brand, up against competitors in AA and RAC with deep marketing pockets, established customer loyalty (with just one in ten people switching breakdown providers), and long standing credibility with the consumer. Up against competition with over 4,000 fleet, compared to only 250, it would take something special to connect with consumers in a way that would trigger a change in consideration. We teamed up with Green Flag to do just that. Our challenge was to harness Green Flag’s challenger brand position in a way that would elevate visibility while communicating the brand’s unique attributes in a memorable and engaging fashion. We set out to increase Green Flag’s market share and gross written premiums.

Our Solution:

Utilizing our consumer insight sources and proprietary Connected Sponsorship system, we identified rugby, and Premiership Rugby in particular, as a property that delivers against the brand fit, audience, and frequency of reach. Following a thorough evaluation, we secured a 3 year partnership on Green Flags behalf to become Official Breakdown Provider of Premiership Rugby that delivered exactly what was required to achieve set out objectives while ensuring the overall budget accounted for the right mix of rights and activation.

In collaboration with our colleagues in Mediacom Beyond Advertising, an award winning content division, we developed a creative concept ‘Under the Bonnet’ to engage with rugby fans in a way that would reinforce Green Flag’s expertise while connecting with consumers in a truly engaging fashion. The fans were challenged to find faults with the car, similar to children’s game ‘Operation’, while content to be shared on social channels was captured via GoPro.  Also being Green Flag’s media agency, we made sure the content was seeded and promoted in a way that would maximize reach and engagement amongst the target audience.

Client results:

For the first time in history, social share of voice overtook RAC and AA, with organic share doubling from 9% to 18% Increased Gross Written Premiums by 9.7%, nearly doubling initial objective of 5% growth.

Most importantly, Green Flag did take market share away from competition with a 3% increase