Husqvarna & Motorcross

Client Challenge:

Husqvarna are a brand that although best known for their garden machinery, have a significant legacy in motorcycles and motorsport. Husqvarna have been involved in motorcycle engineering since 1903, and have current partnerships and riders within a number of teams competing in Motocross, Supercross, and Rallying across the world.

When the time came to renegotiate existing licensing contract, we were asked to evaluate the overall value of the deal to ensure Husqvarna were in position of strength going into renewal discussions.

Our Solution:

Working in close collaboration with the central and local Husqvarna account teams, we were able to ensure that the sponsorship was evaluated as part of a connected and joined up comms strategy, and utilised our global network to apply accurate audience viewing data and actual Husqvarna media pricing to our evaluation report.

We were able to attribute an ROI against Husqvarna’s motorsport sponsorship assets & subsequent activation programmes, and provide recommendations as to how they amplify the partnerships in the future.


Our evaluation report demonstrated exactly how much value was being delivered to Husqvarna across various competitions. The report was used as a basis for renegotiation on price and assets, with Husqvarna further extending its association with the sport.