Skoda & Cycling

Client Challenge

SKODA brand is rooted in cycling but over the years, the connection between the brand and the sport has wavered. The client challenged us to find a way in which sponsorship can once reconnect the brand to its cycling roots and to drive engagement with a growing cycling audience in the UK.

Our Solution:

As cycling was booming in the UK, we worked closely with Skoda team to identify, negotiate and activate properties that would deliver the highest cut-­‐through with their target audience.   Our focus was on both, professional and amateur cycling to ensure that Skoda truly own the sport across the UK. The strategy identified events such as the Tour of Britain and Prudential RideLondon that would deliver scalability as well as helping support Skoda UK’s #LifeOnTwoWheels strategy.

Client results:

79% of cyclists associate SKODA with cycling (up from 74% in 2012)

51% of cyclists would consider SKODA as their next car purchase (up from 43% in 2012). This compares to consideration levels of c. 15% amongst all adults

4% of cyclists own a SKODA (up from 3% in 2012)