Subway Presenting Sponsor of NFL in the UK & Ireland

Client Challenge

Subway are one of the most innovative and forward thinking QSR brands in the UK – are currently undergoing a rebranding campaign to engage with a younger, millennial audience.

As part of this rebrand Subway UK & I were looking for a long-term partnership platform to support their wider media communications strategy – looking to partner with a property that shares their values of promoting a healthy lifestyle, modern, and engaging people of all ages to try something new.

In addition to identifying the role of sponsorship for Subway, MediaCom Sport & Entertainment were tasked with evaluating a potential partnership with NFL in the UK & Ireland.

Our Solution

MediaCom Sport & Entertainment evaluated the property in terms of potential ROI, strategic fit, and impact potential for Subway.

MediaCom Sport & Entertainment were able to identify key assets within the proposal that would ensure Subway would be able to achieve their brand objectives, and negotiated a partnership that maximised the most valuable rights for Subway.

Subway signed a multi-year deal that includes rights not only at the NFL London Games, but also integration within the NFL Flag grassroots initiative, The NFL Live UK & Ireland Tour, Regents Street, The Fan Mobile Pass, as well as significant broadcast, social, and digital rights.

Subway are now Presenting Partner of the NFL in the UK, and have the opportunity to support what is already the fastest growing sport in the UK.




Subway came on board as the first ever Presenting Partner to the NFL London Games, working with MediaCom Sport & Entertainment and the wider agency group to activate the partnership.

Across each of the four games so far, Subway have reached over 300,000 NFL fans and created a memorable US-style school bus at Wembley, Twickenham, and Regent Street, plus engaged with internal stakeholders and “Sandwich Artists” all across the UK & Ireland.

Subway are committed to bring the NFL closer to fans all over the UK & Ireland through the NFL Flag Programme and the Live Tours, with an exciting activation plan in place to engage both fans and the UK public in the coming years.