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We know that great partnerships can help transform our clients’ business so we don’t leave anything to chance. Our strategies are rooted in the best available insight and address every part of the business that a partnership can impact.


Going beyond traditional media values, we utilize our proprietary Connected Sponsorship© system to provide our clients with a comprehensive itemised assessment of the true value of the partnership rights.


We combine our intrinsic understanding of the client’s business with our extensive knowledge of the sponsorship values, rights and activation channels, to negotiate the most favourable contract terms.


Focusing on Rights Management, Experiential, and Content Creation, we ensure that our clients leverage all assets and channels to ensure that partnerships deliver across all areas of their business.

5.Influencer / Talent Selection

Utilizing cutting edge proprietary tools with some of the most sophisticated data and filtering mechanism, we are able to identify and secure the most appropriate talent to fuel our clients’ campaigns.

1.Brand & Commercial Strategy

We turn talent into personal brands. As marketing experts, we first craft unique positioning and narrative and then leverage our extensive knowledge of brands to identify the most natural partnerships. We put authenticity at the heart of everything we do with talent!

2.Social media

Success in social is about understanding audiences, platforms, and content. As the world’s leading communications agency, we have a wealth of expertise across these areas to help talent maximize their reach and engagement.

3.Product development

Connecting and engaging with today’s fans goes beyond being active on traditional social platforms. We build a bespoke Ecosystem that can include a website, an app, E­-commerce channel, licensing products, and other channels designed to broaden talent’s reach and monetize their popularity.

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